The evolution from medicine to wellness

In his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bart Rademaker became acutely aware that his patients’ well-being was more than skin-deep.  While everyone of his patient’s motivation, whether restorative or cosmetic, was to look more attractive, he could see that they also needed a healthier outlook on life.

One day, in his own search for more vitality and energy, Dr. Rademaker found himself sitting in front of twenty different bottles of supplements he had been taking and realized that he actually felt no better than before he had begun his self prescribed vitamin regimen.

Thus began Bart’s evolution from a doctor of medicine to a disciple of Wellness – treating the whole person instead of just the symptoms of disease.

The results have been dramatic, for both his patients and his own well-being. In addition to being the father of three children, Dr. Rademaker manages a thriving plastic surgery practice, he is a pioneer in helping people optimize their health and well being through the three dimensions of our lives: The Brain Intelligence, The Body Intelligence and The Energy Intelligence. As a thought leader, he believes that we can harness the potential of the body to restore form and function and this is by tapping into our own brain, body and energy intelligence. He is one of the first surgeons in the United States to implement Stem Cell Surgery using the patient’s own stem cells derived from their fat and is now actively treating patients with various medical conditions with amazing results in a tightly regulated environment outside the US.

Whilst an advocate for personal responsibility, his radio show, Prescription For Your Transformation, is designed to share the collective wisdom of others and create the space for personal growth and generative change. His book, “52 Week Success Plan” aims to help the readers with new habits to successfully achieve higher levels of health, wealth and happiness.

Over the years, he has a participated or led many humanitarian endeavors which has earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The following videos portray his vision and perspectives in the world:


Dr Bart Rademaker: Plastic, Reconstructive and Regenerative Surgeon


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Dr Rademaker: Lecture on being human – Ecuador 2015

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