Dr Rademaker is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the Tampa bay area: www.DrRademaker.Com 

He has had a thriving plastic surgery practice over the last 20 years and has always been considered a renaissance man by many including media representation. A trend setter innovator or plane simple a visionary – the ability to see what is coming ahead.  In the Tampa area Dr Rademaker has instituted many firsts from implementing non-surgical radiofrequency treatments, to the body, advanced hydra facial treatments using the edge system in Florida, GPS assisted liposuction, Stem cell breast reconstruction. More importantly Dr Rademaker has introduced a new way of looking at patients and their outcomes. Introducing a new culture of personal transformation/responsibility and what he calls your future health and wellness history. Looking ahead to redefine how you look towards your future-past in health, wellness and beauty. His approach simply – harness the potential of the body to repair, heal, rejuvenate and  enhance.

The future of medicine is here if you dare to look at it. Downsizing his practice to create a more virtual presence with a more personal and easy access by the client. In addition to this, he has a solid holistic approach to his clients which also includes life coaching.  Life coaching is understood by few but we all understand that we get stuck in life with all sorts of emotions or beliefs. Life coaching is a process to make your own dreams into reality. When you see why people undergo plastic surgery – it’s because they want to improve something and create or redefine their personal beauty and lifestyle. Dr Rademaker is able to integrate many different elements to make this happen from the surgery, to the holistic and energetic to life coaching and more.

It is now our responsibility consciously to take control of our personal well being, beauty and relationships with the world. As a plastic surgeon, healer and life coach – we have many avenues we can explore together. Using technology I can meet with you almost anytime and anywhere and if you are truly serious and committed to make the changes you really want – I will help you create that.

My local wellness is such an example of my commitment to help people have a better life. This directory is designed to make it easier for you to get connected with the right non-medical treatments and wellness professional and finding the energy and drive to make the changes you need to make to “live life on your terms.”

Join our community and redefine yourself whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You dig enough you will find what you need to enhance your life – no matter where you live, how much money you have or what physical emotional state you are in, do the research for you.  You will find many out there like myself wanting to help you.