Bart Rademaker, MD   Our bodies have been biologically adapted to move and to move a great deal. From our long time ancestors the hunters and gatherers, to farmers and builders activity is normal. Activity is healthy, activity feels good! When the body does not move, it becomes like stagnant water and it stinks. Toxins […]

Here are 10 Weight Loss Tips that are easy to implement!

Beach Body

10 things to improve your life

live life on your terms – here are ways to improve your life immediatly

Your guided meditation

Bart Rademaker MD Meditation is a wonderful thing. Studies have shown that if you do this daily, your body will stay younger longer and you will be much healthier and happier. And all it takes but a very small part of your daily… Mediation is made easier when you can be guided through it – […]

Why do we procrastinate – really?

There are many reasons we procrastinate – perhaps it is because we are not sure what we really want right now